Clint Bondad To Spill “Tea” About Sam Milby After “Countdown” Post Ends?

Netizens are “cracking the codes” on disturbing posts of Clint Bondad on Instagram.

CLINT BONDAD – Many people are getting hooked over the disturbing posts of Clint Bondad to which the controversy involved Sam Milby and Catriona Gray.

Creepy and mysterious are the “disturbing” posts of actor and model Clint Bondad on his Instagram account. He talked about the blue and red pills, crack the codes, the dirty secrets, hacking, the countdown, and among other. And because his posts are publicized, puzzled netizens tried to “crack his codes” and ended up to several speculations.

Some netizens speculated that he’s been going through a silent battle after not being moved on yet from his past relationship. However, there theories online about the symbolism of his posts. According to a post, he says there that he’s a hacker and this could mean he hacked Sam Milby’s Instagram and saw something.

Clint Bondad

The Kapamilya actor is the current boyfriend of Catriona Gray. Moreover, he said something about “double life” to which probably mean about someone having two lives.

Those headphones photos of him might also actually mean a thing such as he might have heard something that people are still unaware of. And the red and blue pill is a sign or a metaphor for “Yes” and “No”.

Clint Bondad
Clint Bondad

Check out the speculation below:

Also, his post about the countdown, it could have mean that he is about to reveal something once the timer ends. And people, waiting for the “tea” or the revelations he’s accordingly cryptic about, are waiting.


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