Daughters of Sunshine Cruz finally speak up about the controversy over their sexy clothes and photos.

SUNSHINE CRUZ – Angelina, Sam, and Chesca break their silence over the criticisms and controversies about them and the clothes they wear.

In a previous report, actress and former sexy star Sunshine Cruz has lambasted all the “manyak” and malicious comments of netizens under the photos of her daughters. Angelina Isabelle, Samantha Angeline, and Angel Franchesca are her daughters with Cesar Montano, her ex-husband. 

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Their photos are accordingly not suggesting to be objectified and what they wear should not serve as a pass for the predators to harass them. In their pictures, what they are wearing are skimpy swimsuits and bikinis because they’re having a swim. But them, sharing their activity, ignited controversy.

Aside from these malicious comments are also comments from other women who told them to dress decently if they don’t want to be harassed. And this has always been the issue – teaching girls to dress decently but not teaching men to be respectful and how to control themselves.

Now, finally speaking up, Chesca hits back to the criticisms and comments one by one. Screen capturing their comments, she stressed, once and for all, that the way they would dress up is not a consent for someone to harass them. She also added that people must start educate themselves because some are accordingly defending sexual predators and pedos. And they are not dressing to tempt but they are dressing based on their comfort and just appropriate to what they going to do.

Sunshine Cruz

Sam, on the other hand, expressed gross and being disturbed over the comments “sexualizing” them who are still minors. She also said, “its sad we live in a world like this.”

Sunshine Cruz

And the eldest, Angelina, indicated in her post that people blaming what they wear is not normal. What should be normalized is for people to educate themselves and not blame them for wearing what they want.

Sunshine Cruz


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