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What Are The Main Parts Of A Volcano? (ANSWER)

MAIN PARTS OF A VOLCANO – In this topic, we are now going to know and identify the main parts of a volcano.

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A volcano is a land form which is basically a mountain with an opening above. These release pressure and magma that came from the earth’s crust.

This land form spew out smoke, rock, ash, and lava; and could also cause catastrophic damage to around their area.

What Are Its Main Parts?

Here are the following main parts, according to Sciencing:

  • Magma Chamber
    • It is a hollow within the land form where magma and gases accumulate. In an eruption, these materials move away from this area toward the surface via the next main part, which is;
  • Conduit
    • This is the aforementioned par where materials move away from the magma chamber. It is basically a pipe-like passageway. There are those with a single conduit, while there are others with one or more additional conduits.
  • Vent
    • The opening on the surface of a volcano. This is where lava, gases, ash or other volcanic materials were emitted from.
  • Crater
    • A bowl-shaped depression which surrounds the vent. They are formed when explosive eruptions occur
  • Slopes
    • The sides or flanks of a volcano which radiate from the main or central vent.

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