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What Are The Following Types Of Volcanoes? (Answer)

TYPES OF VOLCANOES – In this topic, we will now know and identify the different following types of volcanoes.

A volcano is a land form which is basically a mountain with an opening above. These release pressure and magma that came from the earth’s crust.

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But like some things, it has its own types. Here are the following types of this land form, according to LearnOnTheInternet.


  • Composite Volcanoes | Stratovolcanoes
    • Stratovolcanoes are steep sided cones that are formed from layers of ash and lava flows. Its eruption are more of a pyroclastic flow than a lava one. Pyroclastic flow refers to the super heated mix of hot steam, ash, rock and dust.
  • Shield Volcanoes
    • These types of volcanoes are low with gently sloping sides and are formed from layers of lava. Their eruption are usually non-explosive. This type can produce from fast flowing fluid that flows from many miles.
  • Dome Volcanoes | Acid Lava Cones
    • Dome volcanoes have steeper sides compared to shield volcanoes. These have acid lava, which is thicker than the usual lava.
  • Fissure Volcanoes | Plateau Basalt
    • This volcano has no mountain or hill and is basically a gap on the surface of the earth.
  • Cinder Cones
    • Volcanoes that are 1,000 feet and are easily characterized by their small height.
  • Caldera
    • These are described as a glimpse of a very violent past. The crater is the result of another violent eruption.

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