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What Is Address In Tagalog? (Answer)

ADDRESS IN TAGALOG – There are several English words that do not have a direct translation in Tagalog, that’s why we need context to fully translate them.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the word “Address” and its translations into Tagalog based on context.

Address In Tagalog – English To Tagalog Translations

Address could mean many things even in the English language. It could mean the place your currently living, a speech, or talking about certain things.

When talking about the address in the context of where you live, it can be translated as “Tirahan” or “nakatira”. Here is an example sentence:

Could you give me your address so I can send you the package when it’s available?

Tagalog translation: Puwede mo bang ibigay sa akin kung saan ka nakatira para mapadala ko na ang package?

Meanwhile, when giving an address (speech), this could be translated as “magsalita” or “talumpati”.

The mayor gave an address last night during the town hall meeting.

In Tagalog, this could be translated as: “Nagbigay ng talumpati ang mayor kagabi sa meeting sa barangay hall.

However, when you talk about address as a “discussion”, you could use the word “diskurso”, the Tagalized word for “discussion”. Here is an example:

We should address the lack of lights in the streets, its becoming more dangerous to walk there, especially at night.

In Tagalog, this can be translated as “Kailangan na nating mag diskurso sa kawalan ng ilaw sa kalye, delekado na ang pag daan roon, lalo na tuwing gabi”.

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