Condo Admins Detain 3 Nurses Due To COVID-19 Scare Finally Charged

Condo Admins Detain 3 Nurses Charged By NBI

CONDO ADMINS DETAIN 3 NURSES – Frontliners that were rescued by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) would finally receive justice.

Due to a COVID-19 scare, three nurses were detained by the condo administrators of Victoria Towers in Quezon City. The three frontliners were not allowed by the admins to go outside of their condo unit.

To recap, the nurses were asked for a Barangay Health Clearance to show they were free from COVID-19. However, despite presenting the required documents, they still weren’t allowed to go out.

Condo Admins Detain 3 Nurses Due To COVID-19 Scare Finally Charged
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Meron din kasing threat from the condo na pag umalis sila sa condo eh hindi na sila makakabalik… Iyung mga frontliners na nakaranas ng discrimination, may mga karapatan kayo na dapat ini-insist, at dapat naga-guide ang LGU

Kristine dela Cruz, executive officer, NBI Special Action Unit. 

Meanwhile, a serious illegal detention charge would be filed against the condo admins for violating Quezon City Executive Order No. 26 s.2020.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, here are the admins that would be facing the charges:

  • Mel Tosco, property manager of Victoria Towers Condominium
  • Napoleon Briñas, security management head ng San Jose Builders Incorporated (SJBI) 
  • Jerich Jucaban, SJBI Vice President
  • Sadat Macabanding and five other security guards assigned to the condominium

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