COVID-19 Patients Fill Cebu Private Hospitals, Nurses Want To Quit

Nurses Want Out As COVID-19 Patients Fill Cebu Private Hospitals

COVID-19 IN CEBU – Several nurses fear for their lives as COVID-19 patients fill up private hospitals in Cebu City.

Due to the increased number of COVID-19 cases, President Rodrigo Duterte imposed an enhanced community quarantine on Cebu. Meanwhile, Interior Secretary Año said “Bawal na talaga lumabas”.

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Along with the rising cases, Cebu’s health system is also feeling massive pressure as rooms are getting filled with coronavirus patients. According to an article from ABS-CBN, Dr. Peter Mancao, the public relations officer of Cebu Medical Society, nurses already want to quit their jobs.

COVID-19 Patients Fill Cebu Private Hospitals, Nurses Want To Quit
Image from: Philstar

As such, he called on the government to provide “correct” personal protective equipment (PPE) to health workers in a bid to boost their morale. It could be recalled that there was much controversy regarding the distribution of the PPE.

In light of this, Health Secretary Francisco Duque was placed on the hot seat while the Ombudsman investigates the allegations.

As per the article, Mancao stated:

Our problem is also the staffing, ‘yung nurses are afraid. I was talking to our CCO (chief clinical officer) nurse, they’re going to resign because they’re afraid. I think we have to…if you’re in a war, dapat mag-retreat muna tayo, re-arm, yung nurses are very low in morale,

He added that the government should give them proper masks and PPE for health workers and also to increase their salary. Furthermore, he urged the government to give more incentives to hospitals so they could take in more coronavirus patients.

Currently, the Philippines has reported 32,295 cases of COVID-19. Of that number, 4216 cases were reported from Cebu.

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