India Vs China – 20 Troops From India Die In Violent Face-Off With China

India VS China Escalates As 20 Troops Die In Violent Faceoff

INDIA VS CHINA – 20 Indian soldiers were killed during an intense and violent face-off between India and China.

Historically, there had been a heavy boarder dispute between India and China. However, this would be the first time that the tensions between the countries became deadly. According to reports from the Indian army, China took the first blow, causing the deaths of 20 Indian soldiers.

Because of this incident, experts warned and feared that the events that transpired could escalate. Moreover, thousands of troops have already been deployed on both sides. But, this would be the first time in 45 years that a person from either side was killed. India and China have disputed claims of the 3,500-kilometer border since 1975.

India Vs China - 20 Troops From India Die In Violent Face-Off With China
Image from: Merco Press

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According to an article from ABS-CBN, the Indian army reported that there was no use of firearms. Although there were heavy “violent hand-to-hand scuffles”. Additionally, the soldiers were also reported to have thrown stones at each other. Meanwhile, the Chinese troops were said to have attacked the Indians with rods and clubs with nails.

The fight between the two countries lasted for around six hours and placed the death toll of Indian soldiers at 3 deaths. Afterward, a the army added that 17 more were critically injured and exposed to “sub-zero temperatures”. Because of this, the Indian soldiers succumbed to their injuries.

The Indian army said that there were casualties on both sides. This was also confirmed by China’s defense ministry. However, they declined to give the nationality of the victims or disclose any other information about the scuffle.

Due to the tensions between the nations, experts fear that the incident might “escalate into something bigger than we had initially imagined”.

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