DJ Loonyo has this recent statement regarding his viral mass video

Social media personality DJ Loonyo appeared to have this “patama” against actress Lauren Young who called him “bobo”.

Following the viral video of Loonyo explaining his idea of COVID-19 mass testing, Lauren gave her opinion. She lambasted the dancer-choreographer for the misinformation he shared with the public.

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However, Loonyo has apologized and clarified his controversial statement already. His fans also defended him against the tirade from the actress. On the other hand, Lauren has a fiery reply to the fans of the dancer-choreographer who called her “mataba” and “laos”.

Following the “bobo” remark from Lauren Young, DJ Loonyo has this statement during a recent Facebook Live, based on the article from Bandera.

He said that all the bashing or negative comments that he received did not elicit ill-feeling from him towards those who have said things against him. Then, he addressed those who are calling him “bobo”.

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“You need to understand, okay, I respect the opinion coming from another people na bobo, tanga, I respect that. That’s your own opinion, that’s how you see things. But I’m happy and I’m blessed, and I’m grateful na hindi ako ganoon tinuruan ng nanay ko,” the dancer-choreographer said.

He added that he will not call people “bobo” even though they committed a mistake and that he will never call someone “tanga” on social media.

“Why? ‘Cause I pictured out, when my kids in the future will see what I post nu’ng sa ganito kong… at present, kung makikita anong klaseng tatay, anong klaseng tao ang tatay ko, even my family makikita nila, ‘Anong klaseng tao si Rhems?’ Gets n’yo?” DJ Loonyo stressed.

DJ Loonyo

For him, this is not something that his future kids will be proud of. He also pointed out that someone will not fine also if other family members will be called “bobo” or “tanga”.

“And then the people, sa artists, sa celebrities who told me those kinds of stuff, I understand, naiintindihan ko kung saan sila nanggagaling, I really understand. And then, I just hope and I just pray na sana hindi ito mangyari sa kanila, or hindi man mangyari sa kapatid nila,” he said.

DJ Loonyo also said that the younger generation will take the effect of what older people post online, based on the article.

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