Jollibee & McDonald: Twin’s Graduation Photos Caught Netizens’ Attention

Twin Jollibee & McDonald brought good vibes to netizens

Jollibee & Mcdonald Pangindian, the twin who graduated from senior high school caught the attention of the online community.

Amid the pandemic and the difficulties brought by the community quarantine in the Philippines, netizens were able to get good vibes from the graduation photos of this twin.

Facebook user Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet shared the photos of the twin who happened to be the children of his school paper adviser. According to the netizen, the father of the twin was the one who decided to name them after the two famous fast-food chains in the Philippines.

jollibee & mcdonald pangindian
šŸ“·: Jollibee Pangindian/Mcdo Pangindian Facebook

“Kasi si kuya mo (asawa ni Ma’am) ‘yung uniqueness of the name at art of remembering, once na nalaman (‘yung names ng kambal) anjan agad ung natutuwa sila at madali nilang matandaan name nila,” the netizen shared what his former adviser told him.

The netizen also shared a side story about Jollibee. Mark Lester shared, “Jollibee was once a campus journalist (photojournalist) when she was in elementary, and school paper adviser niya ang sarili niyang ina.”

Although in reality, the two fast-food chains are competing with each other, the twin showed that Jollibee and McDonald can exist in one family. Stumbling upon this post about the twin, several netizens expressed happy reactions.

Some who knew them from their childhood expressed surprise that they have grown too fast. Here are some of the comments.

“HALAAA!! sila na yun? dati sinasama pa ni maam yan sa room tas nilalaro laro ko.Ā CongratsĀ to the both of them” – FB user Mae Tadeo

“Naalala ko sila hihihihhihihihiĀ Ā dahil sa name nila talaga, sikat sa school name nila ih, grabe ang liliit pa ng mga yan dati ngayon dalaga’t binata na” – IG user Terrence Miranda

Based on the Twitter post of DZMM Teleradyo reporter Zhander Cayabcayb, the twin has a cousin named Shakey.

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