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Answer To The Riddle “If A Giraffe Has Two Eyes”

RIDDLES ANSWER – Amid the coronavirus quarantine, there have been several riddles circulating through social media such as this one: “If giraffe has two eyes, a monkey has two eyes, and an elephant has two eyes, how many eyes do we have“.

The answer to this riddle is simple – 4 eyes! But how? According to the puzzle, the objective is to know how many eyes “we” have. Here, “We” refers to the person who is asking the riddle.

If A Giraffe Has Two Eyes Answer - Explanation And More

As such, even with all those animals mentioned, the only number of eyes that “we” should count is the one between the one asking the riddle and the one answering it. Thus, the easy answer to the riddle is 4 eyes! Two eyes of the one asking the riddle, and two eyes for the one answering it.

Admittedly, this was not an easy riddle, some would argue that the answer is two eyes, referring to “we” as a generalization of human beings. However, the right answer in this context is “we” as in the people engaged in conversation.

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