Philippines Still At First Wave – COVID-19 Task Force Adviser

Philippines Still At First Coronavirus Wave Says IATF Adviser

PHILIPPINES STILL AT FIRST WAVE – The medical expert adviser of the inter-agency task force on COVID-19 says the country is still at the first wave of coronavirus infections.

Previously, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said that the country has now begun the second wave of COVID-19 infections. He added that the first wave happened when there were 3 infected Chinese patients.

Medical experts from all over the world would say otherwise. A wave would be defined as a rise and fall of something. Having a second coronavirus wave would mean that the country had previously flattened the curve.

Philippines Still At First Wave - COVID-19 Task Force Adviser

However, the Philippines had not.

Ang first wave na alam ko ‘yung unang nag-lockdown, ‘yong community quarantine kasi ang doubling time nun mabilis

Dr. Anthony Leachon,

Moreover, he added that the Philippines had “not yet flattened the curve”. Additionally, he emphasized that a second wave happens after you had flattened the first.

Counter-intuitive na ikaw ay nag-ease ng lockdown kung tayo nasa second wave. Kaya nga tayo nag-ease ng lockdown because nag-iimprove nang kaunti itong barangays pero ‘yong ibang area hindi pa,

Dr. Anthony Leachon,

He also corrected Duque’s statement regarding the first 3 coronavirus cases in the Philippines. Leachon said those cases were just “first index cases”.

According to a report from ABS-CBN, Leachon stressed that the Philippines should have begun testing as soon as the index cases were detected.

“Habang mayroon ka pang maliliit na cases that was the best time para makapag-testing”.

He also stated that if Duque considered those 3 cases as the peak, you wouldn’t see a wave if you flattened it. Moreover, he cited Singapore as an example of a country that had successfully flattened the curve but had a second wave.

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