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Harry Roque answers issue of Alleged Human Rights Violations amid ECQ

Harry Roque answers issue of Alleged Human Rights Violations amid ECQ

Here’s the statement of Harry Roque about the alleged power abuse of authorities

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque answered the issue of the alleged human rights violations of authorities amid the enhanced community quarantine.

Many Filipinos have expressed dismay, anger, and criticisms on social media when incidents of alleged abuse of power of authorities surfaced. Apparently, these raised concerns from people.

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During a recent interview on ANC, Roque addressed this issue. He stressed out that there is no increased concern because “these are isolated cases.”

The Presidential Spokesperson also mentioned the condominium incident which the residents were the ones who invited the police because they saw that their foreigner neighbors do not follow the quarantine protocol.

He also said that the Spanish-national who resisted arrest was complained by the barangay captain. Meanwhile, he said that proper homicide charges were filed against the policeman who shot a retired army officer.

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“Those are the three cases that I know of and they were either acted upon in very quick time or they were not human rights violations,” Roque said.

He reiterated that he does not think that it’s a concern because “we’ve had isolated cases and none of them involve human rights violations.”

For the Presidential Spokesperson, enhanced community quarantine contributed the low crime rate because people are staying at home. Complaints concerning human rights violations are also down amid the ECQ, according to Harry Roque.

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He also encouraged people to file complaint if they feel that their rights are violated and assured that they will be acted upon.

On the issue that the force acted upon accused quarantine violators, Roque said that “authorities have the right to use a degree of force proportional to the threat posed by a person who may be violating the law.”

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