Aswang Sightings in Visayas Increase Amid Quarantine (Video Compilation)

Video Compilation of Aswang Sightings in Visayas

The aswang sightings in Visayas continues to increase during the enhanced community quarantine period, here are some of the videos.

Filipino people are very popular all around the world not only for being talented and hospitable but also because of superstitious belief. Many of our countrymen still believe in superstitions and supernatural creatures.

The mythical creature called ‘aswang’ is one of the most famous supernatural creatures in the Philippines. A lot of people do not believe the existence of those entities but there are some people who really believe with those creatures after having a personal encounter with them.

Aswang Sightings

Over the past few weeks, many netizens have been posting videos and photos of alleged Aswang sightings in Visayas particularly in the provinces of Negros Occidental and Iloilo. The sightings even increase amid the quarantine period.

Recently, various social media pages and some netizens have posted the video footages of alleged ‘aswang’ sightings. The videos are now circulating online and garnered various reactions from social media users.

The social media page Ilonggo RealTalk also posted the video of residents hunting an aswang in the area. Radyo Bandera Sweet FM Bacolod also uploaded a video of residents who were claiming a horrifying creature is roaming around their place.

Aswang Sightings

Here are the videos:

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