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Why Is The Moon A Satellite Of Earth? (ANSWER)

Why Is The Moon A Satellite Of Earth? (ANSWER)

Why Is The Moon Considered A Satellite Of Earth?

MOON A SATELLITE OF EARTH – In this topic, we are going to know the answer as to why the moon is considered a satellite of Earth.

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The Earth’s moon is an astronomical body which orbits around the Earth. It is the only natural satellite of the world and the fifth largest in the Solar System.

Its other names include Luna and poetically, Selene and Cynthia. It is said to have formed at about 4.51 billion years ago and has said to be formed from the debris left over a huge impact of the Earth and hypothetically, Theia, a Mars-sized celestial body.

NASA said that the moon is the brightest and largest body in the night sky. It is responsible for stabilizing Earth’s wobble on its axis, resulting in a stable climate.

Furthermore, it is responsible in making tides, producing a rhythm that guided humans for thousands of years.

Why is it a satellite?

According to NASA, a satellite is an object or body that moves around a larger object. This would mean that the Earth itself is the Sun’s satellite.

In a similar sense, the moon is the world’s satellite because it moves around it. It is called a natural satellite because when someone says “satellite,” they are talking about a “man-made” satellite. The moon is not made by man, hance it is natural.

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