What Is Hair Porosity? About The Hair’s Moisture-Absorbing Ability

What Is Hair Porosity? About The Hair’s Moisture-Absorbing Ability

HAIR POROSITY – In this topic, we are going to learn and discuss the definition of hair porosity, as well as other things to know about it.

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Natural Club describes it as a measurement of your hair’s ability to absorb and hold moisture. It is also a way of knowing how moisture can easily penetrate your hair.

This can be determined by the cuticles of your hair, which is its outer layer, whether they are open, slightly open, or closed.

There are three levels of porosity: High, Medium, and Low, according to robinaosita in Brainly. Here are the following characteristics of the three levels:

  • High Porosity
    • Here, hair cuticles are lifted, thus, it looked dull.
    • Quickly absorbs and loses moisture
    • Easily damaged
    • Requires high moisturizing products in order to help the hydration of hair as the water leaves quickly
  • Medium Porosity
    • Cuticles are slightly open
    • Easily absorbs and takes in moisture
    • “All hair types” products versatility
    • Easily manageable
  • Low Porosity
    • Closed cuticles, hence, making the hair more shiny
    • Repels water
    • Takes a long tie to wet and dry the hair
    • Extra time is required to properly saturate the hair with water.
    • Buttery or heavy products is not recommended since it could weigh the hair down.

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