Stop Saying COVID-19 Is “Just A Flu”, Expert Says It’s 10x More Lethal

Experts Say COVID-19 Is 10x More Lethal Than The Seasonal Flu

COVID-19 10X MORE LETHAL THAN FLU – A top U.S. health official said the new coronavirus is much more lethal than the flu.

COVID-19 10x More Lethal
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Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease stated that the worse is yet to come with the COVID-19 outbreak.

I can say we will see more cases and things will get worse than they are right now

Additionally, Fauci stated that COVID-19 is 10 times “more lethal” than the regular flu. Moreover, even if the mortality rate drops far below the World Health Organization’s estimate of 3.4%.

Previously, the SARS epidemic ran from November 2002 through July 2003. It had a mortality rate of 9% to 10%. With this, Fauci noted that it was clearly not as lethal, however, it spreads much faster.

COVID-19 10x More Lethal
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Along with this, he added that the seasonal flu merely had a mortality rate of 0.1%. Meanwhile, the WHO’s estimated mortality rate for COVID-19 began at 2%.

According to a report from CNBC, Fauci emphasized that even if the mortality rate dropped to 1% it would still be 10x more lethal than the seasonal flu.

The outbreak of the virus was believed to have begun in Wuhan, China in December of last year. Since then, it had spread across the world and had become a pandemic.

Although cases are slowing down in China, other countries are now being hit hard by the virus. Most notably, Italy, South Korea, and Iran.

Italy had been placed under complete lockdown. Meanwhile, South Korea had been placed under Red Alert and Iran became the worst-hit country in the Middle East.

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