Prime Minister Announces All Of Italy To Be Quarantined

ALL OF ITALY QUARANTINED – Italy had become the worst-hit country outside of China with increasing death tolls due to COVID-19.

ALL Of Italy Quarantined, Prime Minister Says "There Is No More Time"
Image from: Business Insider

According to a report from the BBC, Italy’s death toll jumped from 366 to 463 on Monday. Additionally, the number of confirmed cases increased by 24%.

In lieu of this, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte ordered the residents of Italy to stay home. Also, he urged his people to seek permission for essential travel.

Moreover, he stated that the measures were designed to protect the most vulnerable. Following this, he stated during a TV address, “There is no more time“.

ALL Of Italy Quarantined, Prime Minister Says "There Is No More Time"
Image from: CNBC

Afterward, the Prime Minister said the best thing was for people to stay at home. Conte added, “We’re having an important growth in infection and of deaths”.

For this reason, he announced that “the whole of Italy will become a protected zone“.

As per the report, the Prime minister emphasized how “we all must give something up for the good of Italy”. The Prime minister added:

This why I decided to adopt even more strong and severe measures to contain the advance… and protect the health of all citizens.

Aside from Italy, other countries have also struggled with containing the deadly virus. The most recent of which is the Philippines.

Yesterday, the Philippine had announced a total of 24 new cases of the coronavirus. Although the virus had just now been reported, there had already been cases of local transmissions.

As a result, residents fear that the lack of facilities paired with subpar health support could lead to a larger outbreak. In addition, the Philippines ‘ Department of Health admitted only having 2,000 testing kits.

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