What Is “Must” In Tagalog? (Answer)

MUST IN TAGALOG – Here is another word in the English language that we are going to translate in the Filipino language.

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The English word that we are going to translate is “must“. We must first know its definition in the dictionary.


There are four instances of this term of “must”. The first one means the following:

  • As a verb
    • be obliged to; should (expressing necessity).
      • expressing insistence
      • used in ironic questions expressing irritation.
    • expressing an opinion about something that is logically very likely.
  • As a noun
    • something that should not be overlooked or missed.

The second instance refers to grape juice before or during fermentation. The third “must” refers to the dampness or mold .

The fourth instance of the term refers to the following:

  • As a noun
    • a condition of heightened aggression and unpredictable behavior occurring annually in certain male animals, especially elephants and camels, in association with a surge in testosterone level, equivalent to the rutting season of deer and some other mammals.
  • As an adjective
    • (of a male elephant or camel) in a condition marked by heightened aggression and unpredictable behavior that usually occurs annually in association with a surge in testosterone level.


For simplicity, we are going to translate the first instance of “must” which is what we commonly use.

As a verb, its translation include:

  • dapat
  • kinakailangan
  • nararapat
  • tiyak
  • marapat
  • talaga

As a noun, its translation include:

  • kailangan
  • bagay na kailangang-kailangan

As an adjective, its translation include:

  • mahalaga at kailangan


You must tell the truth.

Dapat sabihin mo ang totoo

Practice is a must.

Ang pag-eensayo ay kailangan.

To honor your parents is a must-do.

Ang paggalang sa mga magulang ay nararapat na gawin.

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