Alleged Owner of 7-11 Forced Lalamove Riders to Get Out While Eating (Video)

Alleged Owner of 7-11 Forced Lalamove Riders to Get Out

Video footage of intense commotion inside the 7-11 store between the alleged owner and Lalamove riders eating inside the store.

Alleged Owner
Image captured from the video

Nowadays, most people are ordering their meals from the ride-hailing companies offering a more convenient service to the Filipino people. Riders will initially pay for the meal and would eventually be reimbursed by the customer upon delivery.

However, some riders standby to the nearest store and restaurant to reduce the hassle if customers book a ride. They usually wait outside of the store but others dine for a while to eat and rest comfortably.

Alleged Owner
Image captured from the video

Recently, a concerned netizen named Alnor Maagma shared a video on his Facebook account where Lalamove riders eating their meal and seem resting inside the 7-11 store when an alleged owner came and order them to get out.

In the video, the so-called owner himself is murmuring about bystanders who are staying the store occupying the vacant chairs and table even without any orders. He calls one of his staff to watch over the people inside the store.

Later on, one of the riders react and started to argue with the owner. The owner called them bystanders, but the rider defends himself saying that they buy some food and e-cash.

But the owner insisted that it is still stand-by. The commotion lasts for more than a minute until the owner decides to call cops to settle their commotion.

Netizens take sides on Lalamove riders as they express their disappointment towards the owner of the store. Lots of netizens express their various reactions regarding the incident.

Here are some of their reactions:

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