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Iran Vice President Infected With Coronavirus, Now Under Quarantine

IRAN VICE PRESIDENT INFECTED – From the moment Iran confirmed its first death caused by the new coronavirus, there were already several controversies regarding the announcement.

Iran Vice President Infected With Coronavirus - Philippine News
Image from: AFP

The brother of one of the deceased claimed that the government was covering up the truth about the spread of the virus in Iran. However, despite this, President Hassan Rouhani stated that Iran won’t quarantine any cities.

Following this, several of Iran’s top officials been confirmed to have contracted the potentially deadly virus. One of which was Iran’s Vice President, Masoumeh Ebtekar, who also served as Rouhani’s deputy for women’s affairs.

Is the President of Iran next?

As a senior figure in Iran’s government, Ebtekar had also been just a few seats away from President Hassan Rouhani during their cabinet meetings. Naturally, the Vice President was also in close contact with several other officials as well.

Image from: Middle East Eye

According to a report from ABS-CBN, the Vice President had been placed under quarantine in her own home.

The disclosure of the Vice President’s infection came a day after a Cabinet meeting. There, she was seen sitting a few yards away from the President.

Iran officially reported its first coronavirus case on February 19 in the holy Iranian city of Qom. The disease was believed to have spread to the country from China, who had close economic relations to Tehran despite sanctions made by the United States.

There are now more than 245 people infected with the new coronavirus in Iran. Along with this, the virus had caused 26 deaths, most of which coming from Qom, a destination for Shiite pilgrims.

However, experts believe that the number of infections could be higher considering the country’s fatality rate of about 20%. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization had stated that the fatality rate is around 2%.

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