This is the background story of Sarah Geronimo’s mother, Divine Geronimo

The background story of Divine Geronimo, the mother of Sarah Geronimo resurfaced, amid the singer’s controversial civil wedding with Matteo Guidicelli.

Mommy Divine, her popular name in the entertainment industry, is known for her strictness. Some may perceive her as the “kontrabida” in the life of Sarah, especially when it comes to relationships. That appeared to be the reason why she got a lot of bashings just recently. It was alleged that she has certain reasons why she does not want Matteo for Sarah.

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Despite the bashings, they were also those who tried to understand the side of Mommy Divine. With this, her background story was recalled which she shared during the only interview she had, so far. Based on PEP’s report, the said interview happened back in 2011.

It was about the first heartbreak of Sarah Geronimo that was published on YES! Magazine. Divine Geronimo is the second to the youngest of 12 kids. She studied A.B. Economics in Santo Tomas. In order to finance her studies, she had to work from 5 PM to 9 PM after her school from 8 AM onwards.

“I never experienced iyong buhay ng dalaga na nagpupunta sa mga bar. Never. Never in my life,” she shared. Aside from working, Mommy Divine would also help her mother sell tocino to her officemates. “Hindi bago sa akin ang hirap ng buhay,” she added.

After getting married to Delfin Geronimo, nothing much has changed. The father of Sarah worked as a lineman for PLDT while Mommy Divine was taking care of the children. When the Popstar Princess reached the age of two, her mother had to think ways in order to help Daddy Delfin when it comes to their financial needs.

At that time, Mommy Divine became an entrepreneur. She started selling garments and when the business turned okay, she decided to sell her wares from a small table that served as her retail space at the Zurbaran Street market in Sta. Cruz, Manila.

“Awa naman po ng Diyos, ipinatikim din naman po sa akin iyong medyo guminhawa na rin naman po iyong buhay namin. Kahit papaano naman po e nakakahawak na rin naman ako ng malaking pera,” she shared.

However, tragic things happened during the 90s. The country suffered several economic setbacks. Aside from this, there was also a devastating earthquake, the volcanic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, and constant power outages. Because of these, the business of Divine Geronimo was affected. Later on, they lose the properties they had.

However, the Geronimo family saw light as Sarah, at that time, already had regular appearance in kiddie shows like RPN-9’s Pen Pen de Sarapen and ABS-CBN’s Ang TV. “Alam n’yo po, noon ang bayad niyan sa Channel 9, isang biskuwit lang,” the mother says with a smile. “Hindi namin nakikita iyong pera… Hirap na hirap kami sa buhay, pero masaya kami na gumagawa kami ni Daddy ng mga costume niya. Tinatahi namin. Parang iyon na ang pinaka nagpapagaan ng buhay namin,” Mommy Divine shared.

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The family was forced to transfer to a small apartment in an alley in Sta. Cruz, Manila with their financial problem. While staying there, Mommy Divine shared that she would always have nightmares. “Gabi-gabi, gabi-gabi po iyan na nananaginip ako ng mga nakakatakot,” she recalled.

Then, she had a chance to consult a psychic with a friend and she was told to leave their apartment because it was “malas”. “Itong tinitirahan mong ito, lahat ng tumira dito, nasira ang buhay, naba-bankrupt… Ikaw ang tinamaan matindi. Kailangang umalis ka na sa lugar na ito. Kung hindi, mababaon ka nang mababaon,” she shared the advice of the psychic.

However, since they were still having financial problems, they stayed and the problem even became worst. Mommy Divine said that their friends started to stay away from them because they constantly borrow money.

“Iyong mister ko, lahat ng sahod niya every monthnauutang na namin. Kumbaga, susuwelduhin mo pa lang, naiutang na. So zero, zero na kami. Negative,” she shared. At their lowest, the mother of Sarah said that they would just turn to their faith, praying that everything will be okay eventually.

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Another thing that added their worry was when their landlady said that she would sell the apartment. However, she made a deal with Mommy Divine. If Sarah’s mother can sell the apartment to a relative, then she will be given a commission.

Fortunately, Divine Geronimo was able to find a buyer. Although the buyer was not their relative but have a Geronimo surname. Then, she was given her P100,000 commission. The money was used to pay their debts.

The family moved to a two-story house on Oroquieta Street, Sta. Cruz, in Manila. They occupied a bedroom and the two bedrooms were rented by doctors working at a nearby hospital. Mommy Divine had a barbecue business in front of their house at that time. At night, to earn extra money, she would do the laundry of boarders.

At that time, the family was just got by. Fortunately, their relatives would always help them. “May mga pagkakataon na pinuputulan ka ng ilaw, biglang tatawag iyong kuya ko. Sabi ko, ‘Kuya, pinuputulan kami ng ilaw…’ ‘Kunin mo dito iyong pambayad. Sige, bayaran mo,’” Mommy Divine shared.

Luckily, there was also a store owner that would allow them to “utang” even though they haven’t paid yet the commodities they previously got. Another good thing that help the family was an Indian woman. “Every time na naniningil siya, nagbabayad ka, susuklian ka niya nang sobra-sobra. Minsan, sobra pa ng dalawang daan… Sabi ko, ‘Eto, o, sobra, o.’ I-smile lang siya sa ’kin, aalis na siya. Gano’n po lagi… Siguro naawa sila sa ’min, sa mga anak ko,” Sarah’s mom shared.

Mommy Divine Geronimo also shared that there were times that her kids had to eat rice flavored with mantika, toyo, or mantikilya because they could not buy their “ulam”.

The tide had changed for the Geronimo’s when Sarah won the Star For A Night singing contest, based on the article, and the rest was history.

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