Young Motorcycle Rider Dies After Bamboo Pole Impaled His Neck

Young Motorcycle Rider in Aklan Dies After Bamboo Pole Struck His Neck

YOUNG MOTORCYCLE RIDER – A young motorcycle rider died after a bamboo pole accidentally impaled his neck.

Motorcycle riding is more dangerous than riding a car. Most of the victims is a motorcycle crash don’t have a valid license.

Experts frequently advise riders and first-time riders to drive within the specified speed limits and bring the basic necessities like the helmet and gears for the travel to avoid accidents. A helmet prevents and reduce the injuries in your head.

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Recently, a young motorcycle rider died in a motorcycle accident. Based on a report from, he died after a bamboo pole impaled his neck while riding his motorcycle at Poblacion, Lezo.

The victim was identified as Joshua Clarence Mauricio, a Grade 12 student, and resident at Banaybanay Bliss, Malinao, Aklan. The horrible accident happened today around 6 in the morning.

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According to the report, the victim was behind a vehicle carrying bamboo poles. His neck was impaled by a bamboo pole. Based on the cop’s initial investigation, Joshua was following the truck going to Poblacion, Lezo.

When they get into the curve part of the road, the young motorcycle rider didn’t hit the brakes too soon and accidentally pierced his neck to the bamboo pole. The victim was rushed to the hospital but later died from his injury.

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Several netizens reacted to the horrible motorcycle accident in Aklan. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Rey Reyes: “kawawa naman please lang pag hindi pa po legal age at tayong mga magulang wag po natin pag momotorin mga anak natin”

@April Rose Aguirre: “Please po pag nakita niyo na may sasakyan na may kargang mga kawayan wag na mabilis magpatakbo”

@Doc Miche Rhys: “Actually, nakakatakot kasi kapag kasabay mo sa daan ang topdown trike na may kawayan.”

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