Angry Motorist Accused Traffic Enforcer of Allegedly Stealing Motorcycle Parts

Angry Motorist Part of Motorcycle Allegedly Stole by Traffic Enforcer

Video footage uploaded by an angry motorist accusing a traffic enforcer of allegedly stealing his motorcycle part elicited comments from netizens.

Angry Motorist
Image captured from the video

Traffic enforcers are personnel hired to manage and control the flow of traffic along the road to ensure the safety of the public. The traffic police were assigned to issue a violation ticket and arrest anyone who will violate traffic rules and regulations.

However, the law enforcers should perform their tasks and responsibilities properly in order to fulfill the goal of the government on implementing the traffic rules and regulations.

Recently, a Facebook page named The XRob Vlog shared a video of an angry motorist accusing a traffic enforcer of allegedly stealing his motorcycle parts. 

Angry Motorist
Image captured from the video

In the video, He shows the missing part of his motorcycle that can be seen on the motorcycle of the enforcer.  He accused the enforcer that he stole the handle grip of his motorcycle.

According to the owner, he used to park his vehicle beside the gasoline station when going to work, but one day he was shocked after the other pair of his handle grip is already gone. Day after, he saw the traffic enforcer using the other pair of his grip.

He confronted the enforcer, but the enforcer said he bought the grip, but he made confusion, why would he buy only one of it, if it is sold by pair. Later on, the enforcer decided to give it back to the owner, but the owner doesn’t want it anymore.

The video of the intense confrontation has gone viral on social media as it earned elicited comments from the online community. Netizens also express their various reactions to the enforcer.

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