Epic Reaction Of Woman Who Asked ‘Do you know Vicki Belo?’

Here is the epic reaction of a woman who asked “do you know Vicki Belo” to Vicki Belo

A woman has this epic reaction after learning that she asked: “do you know Vicki Belo?” to celebrity beauty doctor Vicki Belo.

Vicki recently shared on her Instagram TV that she went to IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Science). In the video that she shared, it showed that there were several new beauty products and treatments being introduced.


As the Pinay doctor was walking along with her husband, Dr. Hayden Kho, a woman asked them to try their product. Vicki was eager to know about the said product. The woman elaborated on the benefits of the product she introducing to the beauty doctor.

Then, she asked the doctor, “do you know Vicki Belo?” which garnered a concealed laugh from Hayden. Apparently, Vicki played along. According to the woman, the Pinay doctor, who is very famous in the Philippines and with a lot of beauty clinics, is already using their product. “Ah, really, in her clinic she uses this?” Vicki asked the woman.

epic reaction of woman to vicki belo
screenshot of Vicki’s post on IG TV / @victoria_belo

The celebrity doctor asked the woman how did she know about it. The latter answered that she heard about this from people in London. After that, Hayden jokingly said, “You know what we will do? We’ll go to the Philippines. We’ll go to Belo and look for Vicki Belo and ask her.”

“That’s Vicki Belo,” Hayden said to the woman as he pointed the direction of his wife. Then, the woman laughed as she was asking, “you’re Vicki Belo?” Apparently, she also found it funny that she was already talking to the doctor who was already using their product, according to her.

Watch the video and see the epic reaction of the woman.


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