JANUARY 2020: Everything That Happened On First Month Of 2020

These events all happened in the just the first month of the year, January 2020.

JANUARY 2020 – Here some of the significant, alarming, and heart-breaking incident that hit the headlines just in the first month of year 2020.

It is just the first month of a new year and it seems like things and circumstances are getting really alarming and disturbing already. Many dies, worldwide dilemma, outbreaks, natural phenomena, death of a legend, and among others. All of these made headlines and got many people worried and bothered.

Check out these events and incidents that happened just on the first month of 2020:

  • Australian Wildfires – As per reports, this could be the worst wildfire the world has probably seen in decades. This started in late July and still burning up until this month where thousands of homes turned to ash and killed hundred thousands of animals.
  • Iran-US Conflict – This is brought after Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani got killed last January 3, 2020, by U.S. drone strike near Baghdad International Airport. Media and some reports called the killing as an assassination.
  • Ukrainian Plane Crash – All 176 people on board the Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 from Tehran to Kyiv weren’t able to escape death when the Boeing 737-800 got shot down last January 8, 2020. This is in time where there are high tensions in between Iran and United States.
  • Taal Eruption – The eruption started January 12 and affected thousands of families. The ashfall turned the once tourist spot in a dead and gray blanketing a wide area. It killed animals, affected numerous families, and feared to have an intense eruption it was raised on Alert Level 4.
  • Novel Coronavirus Outbreak – Starting out as a mysterious disease from Wuhan, China, experts now call the cause of outbreak as Novel Coronavirus. As of this posting, the deadly strain of virus has confirmed 56 deaths. Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Macao, Hong Kong, France, and the United States have confirmed people infected with the new virus.
  • NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and Gigi’s Helicopter Crash – This report broke many hearts as due to an unexpected helicopter crash, we lost the legend, “Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant, who at such tragic accident was with his daughter. There were no survivors from the crash and the world is mourning with his family.

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