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Fireman Nearly Dies After Getting Piece Of Popcorn Stuck In His Teeth

FIREMAN – A fireman almost died from poking at a stray popcorn kernel that got stuck in his teeth.

Lots of people would admit that popcorn and movie is a great combination. Because our ears and eyes are ears are enjoying the film, we also let out mouths and noses enjoy something.

Recently, a firefighter named Adam Martin from Cornwall, United Kingdom, almost died after getting popcorn stuck between his teeth while watching a film with his wife in September. Based on a report from Mirror, he needed open-heart surgery after an infection destroyed his heart valves.

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Adam tried to remove the popcorn with a pen lid, a piece of wire, toothpick, and a metal nail. One of those objects caused a near-fatal cut.

A week later, the 41-year-old firefighter suffered night sweats, heart murmur, and headaches. Those are the symptoms of endocarditis, a deadly infection that occurs when fungi or bacteria spread through the bloodstream.

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According to the report, Adam was rushed to the hospital and underwent a seven-hour surgery. The doctors repair and replaced his two heart valves. The firefighter also required another 5-hour surgery to remove the infected blood clot.

“The doctors told me if I hadn’t gone to the GP when I did then I could have been dead in three days… the infection had eaten my heart valves completely. I am never eating popcorn again that’s for sure,” he said.  

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Based on the report, the firefighter made a quick recovery after the operation. “My heart was essentially wrecked…If I had gone to the dentist then none of this would have happened,” he said.

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