Names Of Victims of Gas Explosion in Makati Restaurant

MAKATI – The police have identified the names of the victims of the gas explosion in Makati restaurant.

Gas leaks are very dangerous because it can cause an explosion. That’s why all restaurants are advised to frequently check their gas tanks to avoid horrible accidents.

There have been countless reports about gas leaks that cause a blast in restaurants, malls, and homes. These kinds of incidents should be detected and prevented.

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Based on a report from Manila Bulletin, four (4) people were injured in a restaurant in Yakal Street, Barangay San Antonio, Makati due to alleged gas leak. The incident happened on Thursday night, January 2.

The Makati Police Investigation Unit chief, Major Gideon Ines Jr. said two of the victims worked at the Judianchuanba restaurant while the two others are just passersby.

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According to the report, the police identified the victims of the blast as Liang Zhang, 37, a kitchen helper; Yue Qzang Cao, 45, also a kitchen helper; Long Liun Yun, 27; and Ting Tang, 26.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) were the ones who report the gas explosion at Barangay San Antonio to the Makati Police. The cops rushed the victims to the Makati Medical Center for treatment.  

“When we arrived in the area, we saw debris of broken glasses scattered in front of the restaurant…”

“It was a very strong explosion as all the glasses of the restaurant were shattered,” Ines added.

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Based on the report, the Makati police are still determining the cause of the explosion that happened around 8 pm last night. The chief investigator said the restaurant has no business permit and has committed other violations too.

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