Vehicular Accident Due To Counterflow Caught on Camera

Counter Flowing Jeepney Causes Vehicular Accident

A vehicular accident involving numerous vehicles due to counterflow was caught on camera and garnered various reactions online.

Road accident has been one of the major traffic problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries across the planet.

Motorists lacking discipline and reckless driving are the major factors of vehicle accidents along the road.

Vehicular Accident

Accidents usually cause physical injuries and even death due to strong impact of collision caused by some irresponsible drivers.

Recently, the Facebook page “Pilipino Star Ngayon” has shared video footage of a vehicular accident due to counter flowing.

Vehicular Accident

In the video, it can be seen that the jeepney counterflows on the other lane causing a collision with a car.

The public utility jeepney hits the white car, which also hits other vehicles because of the strong impact.

The collision results to a road accident causing damage to other vehicles passing along the busy street.

The social media users have also expressed their reactions on the incident:

Vehicular Accident

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