Hospital Refuses To Return Missing Organs Of Dead Girl, Family To Sue

Family Of Deceased Girl Eyes To Sue Hospital That Refuses To Return Missing Organs

HOSPITAL REFUSES TO RETURN ORGANS – The Family of a deceased child that died from Dengvaxia is eyed to sue a government hospital for refusing to return their child’s missing organs.

Hospital Refuses To Return Missing Organs Of Dead Girl, Family To Sue
Image from: Medical News Today

According to the Public Attorneys Office (PAO) forensics chief Dr. Erwin Erfe, the family wants to sue the hospital. He recalled that their team was supposed to conduct an autopsy on the remains of the child.

Erfe stated that the family wanted to have an autopsy to see if the child’s cause of death was indeed the experimental vaccine. However, the autopsy was suspended when the team discovered her internal organs were missing.

Based on a report from Manila Bulletin, Erfe also found out that the East Avenue Medical Center (EAMC) took her organs. This was where the girl was confined and passed away.

In addition to this, the forensics chief discovered that the mother of the child signed a document permitting the hospital to take tissue samples from the deceased child.

But, the document did not permit that the hospital can take whole organs. According to the PAO official, what the hospital did could be considered as theft.

The PAO had already written a letter to the hospital which demanded the return of the deceased child’s organs. However, the EAMC has not yet responded to the demands of the PAO.

The letter was addressed to EAMC medical chief Dr. ALfonso Nunez. In the letter, the PAO stated:

“According to our client, Bernadette Dichoso, she was made to sign consent forms for the conduct of the autopsy but did not authorize the removal of any organs from the cadaver of the child.

In this connection, we formally demand for the return of all the missing organs”

Public Attorneys Office

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