Young Man Cries After ‘Crush’ Refused To Be His Girlfriend

Heartbreaking Photos of Young Man Crying After Rejected by His Crush Goes Viral

HEARTBREAKING STORY – The heartbreaking photos of a young man crying after his crush refused to his girlfriend goes viral.

Nowadays, most teenagers are already engaging in early relationships despite the warning of their parents and teachers. Young people are doing their best and exerting extra effort just to impress their crushes.

However, some of us have already experienced rejection from our crushes, which is a very painful experience but life must still go on. Elders usually advise the younger generation to engage in relationships at the right age.

Young Man

Recently, a Facebook user named Xyra Nicolas Ancheta has shared the photos of a guy crying at the floor after his crush refused to be his girlfriend. The guy has been rejected despite his efforts.

The young man also asked the help of his male colleague to hold a banner with words written “Will you be my girl?” while handing the balloons and a bouquet of flowers towards his crush. Unfortunately, the girl rejected the guy and refused to be his girlfriend, according to Ancheta. The incident happened at Robinsons Place Ilocos.

Young Man

Here is the full post:

Another heart has been slain 🤦🏻‍♀️ Boy, cheer up 🥺 Atleast you tried. You did what you can 💖
Proposal gone wrong at Robinsons Place Ilocos”

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Young Man

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