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Tips On How To Prevent Gaining Weight This Holiday Season

HOLIDAY SEASON WEIGHT – It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially for Filipinos who are more than excited for the coming Noche Bueña Celebration with the family.

Holiday Season Weight Gain? - Tips To Prevent This
Image from: Calorie Control Council

It’s always been somewhat of a running joke that come Christmas vacation, people tend to gain more weight than usual. Who can blame them? The food during this time is amazing.

People can’t help themselves during the Holidays. That’s where we come in because today, we’re going to teach you some tips to help you prevent some holiday weight gain.

USE SMALLER PLATES – According to a fitness coach that was interviewed by ABS-CBN, an effective way to prevent a lot of weight gain is to use smaller plates.

This seems fairly straightforward, as a bigger plate means a bigger portion. Getting a smaller plate prevents this from happening right off the bat.

EAT SLOWLY – According to the fitness coach, Jim Saret, the body takes 20 minutes for the brain to register that we’re full.

This means, that if you keep munching down, you might already be full, it’s just that your brain hasn’t caught up with your eating pace yet.

DRINK WATER – Water has a ton of benefits for your health. Especially if you want to shed off some weight.

According to fitness coach Toni Saret, when we get thirsty, our brains might think that we are hungry instead. With this, it’s certainly best to keep hydrated.

CHOOSE FOOD WISELY – According to Toni, you should pick out “calorie-dense” food. This is an effective way to reduce weight gain as these types of food get you full faster.

Your body would think that you’re full just because of the high levels of calories you gave your body.

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