Photo: Stray Aspin Dogs Serve as Security Guards in an ATM Machine Goes Viral

Stray Aspin Dogs Watching and Serve as Security Guards in an ATM Machine Goes viral

PHOTOS – a pack of stray Aspin dogs standing by and serves as security guards in the ATM machine went viral on social media.

Stray Aspin

Dogs are among the most favorite pets where ever in the world. They can be your best friend and house guard.

We are used to calling our dogs the name ‘Bantay.’ Because for many of us, they are not just the pets that make us happy, they are also reliable helpers in maintaining family security.

Recently, Clark H Timoteo shared a photo of a group of stray Aspin dogs resting in front of an ATM machine. Seems they are guarding the ATM machine for any bad intentioned people.

In the photo, about seven dogs were scattered across the machine. According to the uploader, this is arguably the tightest security that can be placed at an ATM that sometimes the target of thieves.

These dogs do not seem harmful because six of them have been resting since it was night, while only one stood and seemed to be vigilant. But according to netizens who also take care of dogs, at the time someone will attempt to rob the machine they will immediately respond.

The photo has gone viral on social media and earned various reactions from the netizens. Timothy’s post reached over 4,000 reactions and 3,700 shares.

But other netizens who have fear in dogs have a problem with the picture. Even if they have good intentions and just withdraw money at the ATM, they may not be able to go to the machine anymore.

Here are some of their reactions on the post:

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