SSS 13th Month Pay To Be Given To Pensioners Today December 6, 2019

Pensioners To Get SSS 13th Month Pay Today (December 6, 2019)

SSS 13TH MONTH PAY – The pensioners pf the Social Security System may get their 13th month pay today, December 6, 2019.

In the Philippines, one of the giant social insurance institution is the Social Security System. More commonly called as the SSS, most of its members are the employees of the private companies.

Self-employed individuals may also apply for membership to SSS and as well as those who wants to be voluntary members of the social insurance institution. The members are entitled to several benefits and privileges.

One of the benefits that most SSS members look forward to is the retirement benefit. When you are a member of SSS and you reached the retirement age, you may be eligible for a monthly pension or a lump sum payment.

SSS 13th Month Pay

Aside from the monthly pension, the pensioners may be entitled for an SSS 13th Month Pay at the end of the year. Recently, the social insurance institution announced that the pensioners may get the said pay today, December 6, 2019.

Based on a report on GMA News, SSS stated that 2.83 million pensioners will receive their pension. More than Php 12.71 billion has been approved.

According to SSS President and Chief Executive Officer Aurora Ignacio, the SSS has already requested their partner banks to the credit the SSS 13th Month Pay of the pensioners. They wanted it to be on time for the holiday season so pensioners can use their money.

“We are hoping that we will eventually shift 100 percent of our pensioners to through-the-bank system for faster, convenient and more secure way of receiving their benefits from the SSS,” Ignacio expressed based on the report.

This 2019, the fund released for the 13th month pay of the pensioners is higher compared to last year’s by 7.6%. The 2018 fund was Php 11.81 billion.

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