Janella Salvador Reveals What Happens When She Sees Elmo Magalona

Janella Salvador Admits Crossing Paths w/ Elmo Magalona Several Times

JANELLA SALVADOR – Young Kapamilya actress Janella Salvador revealed what happens whenever she sees actor Elmo Magalona.

One of the most controversial loveteam breakup in 2018 was the split of Kapamilya actor Elmo Magalona and actress Janella Salvador. There were accusations that crossed the surface.

Allegedly, Elmo hurt Janella physically. It gained the actor criticisms while there were also those who showed support to him amid everything.

Elmo Magalona
Photo from Panay News

The “ElNella” fans and supporters were heartbroken over what happened to Elmo and Janella. For two (2) years, the two (2) celebrities have shared a wonderful relationship and worked on several projects together.

It was never confirmed by either Elmo or Janella if they really became an official couple but their closeness have sparked speculations of the real score between them. Visibly, they were special for each other.

Now, it is more than a year since the controversial breakup of the “ElNella”. Based on a report on Pep, there were several times when Janella Salvador and Elmo Magalona crossed paths.


According to Janella, she knows that it would really happen as the industry is small. Moreover, it is more invetiable as they are under the same network, the ABS-CBN.

“So it has happened many times actually to me. Kapag nangyari yun, wala, just deadma lang,” the young actress said based on the report.

Janella stressed that what happened has greatly taught her about love. She stressed that she is now smarter, stronger, and more careful when it comes to love.


Currently, the young actress is visibly busy with her showbiz career. With regards to Elmo, the young actor has yet to fully return to his showbiz career but he was spotted at the ABS-CBN Ball 2019.

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