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Mother Explaining Math Has Heart Attack & Sent To Hospital

MOTHER EXPLAINING MATH – A Chinese mother had a heart attack as she was explaining a math equation to her son.

Mother Explaining Math Homework To Son Has Heart Attack
Image from: Flickr

There are a lot of parents that help out their kids with their homework. Admittedly, some are more patient than others.

You could feel frustration as you’re trying to make your kid understand some concepts. At times, you could also be frustrated for not understanding the assignment yourself.

However, a mother from China almost died due to frustration from trying to teach her son a maths equation. She had a heart attack after repeatedly trying to explain the equation to her son.

Mother Explaining Math Homework To Son Has Heart Attack
Image from: MediaWorkz NZ

Based on an article by MediaWorkz, the Chinese mother was a 36-year-old named Wang. The mother would always help her son with maths homework.

But, one particular night, her son found their latest assignment more difficult than usual. With this, the mother tried the best she could to explain it to him.

She said she explained the equation to him several times. But, the son, unfortunately, couldn’t get it.

In an interview with Sin Chew Daily, the mother said, “I was so angry that I could explode”. Afterward, Wang added that she felt her heart palpitating.

This was followed by her having difficulty breathing properly. Because of this, she immediately called her husband and was rushed to the hospital.

Doctor Yang Xiaoxue told local reporters that the mother explaining math to her son experienced a myocardial infarction. In other words, a heart attack.

The Doctor added that if they arrived a little bit later, she could have suffered from heart failure. Following this, the local media said she was still in hospital.

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