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Quick-Thinking Cat Used Its Paws To Block Toddler From Crawling Further

QUICK-THINKING CAT – The video of a quick-thinking cat saving a toddler from falling down a steep staircase went viral on social media.

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Photo Source: Breitbart

Recently, a quick-thinking cat was spotted sprinting over to save a toddler from falling down the stairs went viral on social media. Based on a report from Metro UK, an adopted cat was quick to rescue the baby from falling down the staircase.

The child’s mother, Diana Lorena, wondered how her 1-year-old baby named Samuel Leon got out of his crib after she left him sleeping in the room last October 31.

Photo Source: Ladbible

According to the report, the mother was shocked after watching the video surveillance from their CCTV camera. The cat heroically saved her son.

“It was at that moment that I discovered that the cat had saved his life… if it had not been for the cat my son would have rolled down the stairs. Watching the footage, I felt really surprised and lucky,” she said.

It can be seen in the video that the toddler was crawling on the floor past his crib while the Siamese cat named Gatubela was just observing the boy.

The cat continues to watch the baby as he’s making his way across the room. When he almost reached the edge, Gatubela frantically jumped towards the infant to block the exit. The animal bats him back with his paws.

Watch the video below:

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