Agri Dept. Confirms Mekeni Food’s Longganisa & Hotdog Tested Positive of ASF

Mekeni Food’s Longganisa & Hotdog Tested Positive of ASF, Department of Agriculture Says

The Department of Agriculture confirmed that Mekeni Food’s longganisa and hotdog tested positive of African Swine Fever.

On Monday (November 4, 2019), the Bureau of Animal Industry conduct two validation tests from the food product samples of the Mekeni Food Corporation. The agency discovered that the skinless longganisa and hotdog samples tested positive from the virus.

However, the meat samples that are sourced from the United States, France, and Canada tested negative for ASF. The Department of Health Undersecretary Eric Domingo said that 63 of 178 licensed meat manufacturing plants have been already inspected.

Mekeni Food’s

“Set of samples of longganisa and Picnic Hotdog tested positive for African Swine Fever based on tests conducted,” BAI officer-in-charge Ronnie Domingo said. “We found them compliant with regulatory standards,” Domingo added.

The World Organization for Animal Health explained that ASH has no adverse effect to human although it is contagious to pigs. The hog deaths in the Philippines related to ASF have already reach 36,000.

Mekeni Food’s

Mekeni said in a statement that the company wants to secure the quality of their products although the products inadvertently become carriers of ASF.

Mekeni Food’s

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