Facebook To Launch News Sections That Pays Publishers

Facebook To Create News Section And Will Pay Publishers

FACEBOOK – The biggest multi-billion dollar social media platform had announced its launch of a News Section that pays the publishers.

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For 15 years, Facebook has had a lot of news pages come and go. However, most of these news pages get ignored.

Aside from that, the company still gets advertising revenue from these pages. Adding to this, the algorithm on the site largely cuts their posts on news feeds.

But, recently, Facebook said that they would pay them for news headlines. Even better, reports say that the company could shell out millions in some cases.

Their brand new “News Tab” would be the latest edition of the Facebook Mobile app. It would display news headlines and nothing else.

According to an article by VOA news, Local stories from larger cities would get some limelight. However, headlines from smaller towns are also coming.

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They also say that tapping on any of those articles will get you straight into the publisher’s website. And, if you already have their apps installed, it would automatically open that for you.

Users see this as a huge leap towards the eradication of fake or misleading news. However, some media critics remain skeptical if Facebook is really committed to helping the industry.

The company declined to reveal any information as to how much are publishers being paid. But, they did say that pay for “a range of publishers for access to all of their content”.

There’s an opportunity to set up new long-term, stable financial relationships with publishers“, said Zuckerberg in an interview. He added that the company aims to partner with a wide range of publishers.

We’re going to have journalists curating this, we are really focused on provenance and branding and where the stories come from”, Zuckerberg added.

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