WATCH LIVE STREAMING: Raffy Tulfo Acts On Niece Complaining About Her Uncle

WATCH LIVE STREAMING: Niece Complains To Raffy Tulfo Over Issue w/ Uncle

WATCH LIVE STREAMING – Filipino television broadcaster Raffy Tulfo acted on a niece complaining about her uncle.

One of the trending television programs nowadays is Raffy Tulfo in Action. A lot of people are hooked in watching how the Filipino broadcaster helps resolve conflict among people from the different walks of life.

Undeniably, most people who come to Tulfo are complaining about their family members or their ex-partners. There were already several occasions when marital issues have reached the national TV. Meanwhile, a lot of problems ended on a positive note.

Recently, a niece by the name of Queeniebelle Shinhori reached out to Raffy Tulfo to complain about her uncle, Valentino Monsod. The live streaming was provided for those who wanted to watch the episode.

The niece complained about the negative words thrown to her by her uncle. Allegedly, she was fooled by her uncle and his wife when she sought their help to file a divorce from her marriage with her estranged husband.

On the part of the uncle, he asserted that it was his niece who was intervening on the talks between him and his siblings with regards to the family’s inheritance. He claimed that she was the one who triggered the issues between them.

Tulfo revealed his side that it is not good to see a man fighting against a woman in a word war. However, the uncle stressed that his niece is doing so much. On her part, she presented an evidence against him.

Both parties are firm that they will be filing charges against each other. Do you want to watch the live streaming? In courtesy of Raffy Tulfo in Action, here is a video of the episode about the niece complaining about her uncle:

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