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Raffy Tulfo’s Non-Stop Talking Complainant Made Him Speechless and Couldn’t Say Anything

The veteran Filipino broadcaster Raffy Tulfo couldn’t finish what he was saying because of his non-stop talking complainant. He seems pissed off of her but he still laughing.

Recently, the famous Youtube channel “Raffy Tulfo in Action” uploaded a video of a wife complaining about her husband who is allegedly cheating and hurting her. The Pinoy journalist reacted funnily when the complainant started speaking.

Non-Stop Talking Complainant
Photo Credit: Youtube/RaffyTulfoinAction

Raffy Tulfo’s reactions when his complainant started to share her story are hilarious. A mix of laughing and being pissed off because he can’t finish what he was saying due to the non-stop talking of his complainant.

In the midst of the conversation, the complainant remained silent because Raffy Tulfo told her that they want to hear the statements of both sides. The complainant remained silent, but still, talked when her husband had something to say that she doesn’t like.

Non-Stop Talking Complainant
Photo Credit: Youtube/RaffyTulfoinAction

Meanwhile, as she continued to speak, Raffy Tulfo asked her “Mam hindi ka napapagod?” The complainant didn’t get the point of Raffy Tulfo’s question and she still continues to talk and express what she feels.

“Mam pati ako hindi na po ako nakaka pagsalita eh, bandang huli mawawalan ng trabaho dito si Sharee(Co-host of Raffy Tulfo),” said Raffy. But it did not stop the complainant from talking and proving her point.

In the last part of the video, Raffy Tulfo got tired of her non-stop talking that he decided to change the seats of the complainant to his chair. “Bakit sir ako na mag take over sayo?, Sige sir kay magaling ako na detective,” the wife said. Raffy Tulfo and his Co-host Sharee are both laughing on the other side of the table.

Watch the full video below:

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