Mall Security Guard Urges Women w/ Babies To Go Out Although It Was Raining Outside

Mall Security Guard Told Lady Customers Together With Their Children To Go Out

The video footage of a mall security guard urging female customers and their kids to get out although it was raining outside.

Security guards are personnel hired by the government or private companies tasked to implement the employer’s rules and regulations. Guards are also tasked to secure the safety of the people and properties under their area of jurisdictions.

However, security personnel should enforce the company’s policy with love, respect, and consideration towards other people. Guards must also set as a good example to earn the respect of the public.

Mall Security Guard

Recently, the Facebook page “Mahilig Mag Like at Share” has shared the video footage of a security guard urging the female customers together with their children to get out of the mall because they are blocking the right of way.

Mall Security Guard

Unfortunately, the lady customers expressed their disappointment towards the guard because it was still raining outside the mall. The security personnel and some of the shoppers had an exchange of heated arguments.

The video has a caption of:

Sekyu pinaalis ang mga nanay na may kargang baby habang nag papatila ng ulan. Sino ang Tama O Mali?”

The social media users expressed their reactions to the incident:

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