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Apple To Release Over 50 New Emoji Designs

APPLE – Technology company Apple has finally unveiled over 50 new emojis coming to your iPhone.

We can’t deny that the emojis on our mobile phones helped us improve our communication. Just by placing a sad or happy emoji, the receiver could accurately understand our emotions.

Among the most creative in making emojis is the Apple Inc. it is multinational tech company in the United States of America. They innovate their computers and iPhones every year. However, the China tech company, Huawei, defeated IPhone with its global smartphone shipments in 2018.

Photo Source: E3 Digital

Based on a report from Ladbible, Apple finally unveiled more than 50 new emojis. It is set to be released during it’s new update. IPhone users could have these news emojis this month.

iOS 13.2 beta’s second version shows several additions to the emojis. There is a bigger variety of skin tones and Persons with Disability (PWD) images.

Photo Source: iOS Gadget Hacks

Apple’s new set of emojis also included a mechanical limb. According to the report, they already announced some of the new characters. But only 59 of them were picked for the new update.

The most notable ones is the yawning face. It is better than sending someone with ‘ZZZ’s. It automatically tells someone that they are boring you.

Photo Source: Macworld

The post about IPhone’s new emojis elicited various reactions from the online community. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@Rah Easton: “Can’t wait until the update! I love emojis.”

@Ryan Vessey: “Finally one that describes me accurately”

@Thabiso OkmalumNdovie: “Wheelchair I love it for my ex she’s on it”

@John Adrian: “It’s a improvement”

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