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Who are the suspects of Darwin Dormitorio maltreatment case?

DARWIN DORMITORIO MALTREATMENT – The seven (7) upper class cadets as reported suspects of PMA Cadet Darwin Dormitorio have been named.

Last Tuesday, October 8, the family of the hazed PMA Cadet Darwin Dormitorio formally filed cases against the officials and cadets who are involved to the death of Dormitorio. The maltreatment he suffered caused his untimely death and he was just 20 years old and a plebe.

Now, here are the names of the seven upper class cadets who are reportedly the suspects of the late PMA cadet and what they did to him that caused his untimely death inside the academy based on various news media reports and the recovered journal:

  • Cadet Third Class Shalimar Imperial
    • Imperial, Lumbag, and Manalo, 9 p.m. of August 19 in room 209 in front of Dormitorio’s classmates and room mates, gave him punishment for spending half of their Php 4,000.00 allowance. He performed knuckles out, bridge under bunk, and pumping exercises as the punishment. However, due to the “Code of Silence” inside the academy, Dormitorio and other plebes were not able to report the incident.
    • After the exercises, Dormitorio received punches from Imperial and Lumbag which accordingly lasted for approximately 20 minutes.
    • Imperial is a son of an army officer who is also an alumnus of PMA. And he was not given a single sanction when higher officers have known this.
    • The second time he beat Dormitorio, he was sent to hospital and according to the findings, Dormitorio suffered respiratory tract infection, soft tissue contusion, and pain in chest area.
    • He also punched Dormitorio in the face which cause his nose to bleed profusely.
    • He is also with Lumbag and Manalo when they tried to suffocate Dormitorio with a plastic bag wrapped around his head.
  • Felix M. Lumbag Jr
    • He was the once who profusely punched Dormitorio after the punishment on August 19 along with Imperial.
    • The tactical officers and Commandant of Cadets gave Lumbag 1 year suspension upon knowing the incident.
  • John Vincent Manalo
    • Manalo and Lumbag on September 14 covered Dormitorio’s face with a thick plastic soaked in alcohol with hand tied on the back of his neck while a broom stick was in between his neck passing through both of his arms. The three of them also held the suspect on place for him to stop from moving.
  • Julius Carlo Tadena
    • He is a third class cadet who tasered Dormitorio and another cadet in the private part, specifically, scrotum. One witness accordingly confessed that he even instructed these two to kiss and was just laughing when they screamed of pain when he tasered them in their member.
  • Rey David John Volante
    • An upper class cadet who kicked Dormitorio in the forehead for being so slow in changing his pants. The word used is “pinagtripan”. However, he was not aware of Dormitorio’s “sick-in-quarters” status.
  • Cadet Second Class Christian Zacarias
    • He is Dormitorio’s squad leader and in his room is where Dormitorio was instructed by a first cadet to rest. Upon finding out Dormitorio sleeping in his bunk, he forcefully pulled him out of his bed that caused his fall down. And when Dormitorio was not able to stand up, he kicked him five times in the stomach.
  • Cadet First Class Axl Ret Sanopao
    • He is the upper class cadet who looked for his combat boots from Dormitorio but the latter lost it which is why he called Lumbag and Imperial to give him a punishment.
    • After the beatings, he even called out Dormitorio saying “Ba’t parang cool na cool ka?” and instructed him to do squat thrusts.

Some information are from the posts and article shared by a Facebook user named Jose Larry Hermoso II.


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