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Zebra-Striped Cows Less Likely To Endure Biting Flies

ZEBRA-STRIPED COWS – Researchers discovered that zebra-striped cows are less likely to endure pesky horsefly bites.

Farmers from all over the world are trying to discover new things on how to get rid of the pest that harms their animals. Scientists and researchers are the best people to inquire about the issue.

Based on a report from CNN, the cows are the ones mostly affected by fly bites and it cost the cattle industry billions. The humans who own these helpless animals are affected as well.

Photo Source: Bored Panda

The pests interfere with the cattle’s feeding, grazing and bedding. According to the report, the domestic animals use significant energy to swat the biting flies away or sometimes they group close together to avoid their attacks which could also result in injury or heat stress.

A new study found that these biting flies could be avoided by using paint. A team of Japanese researchers discovered how to avoid the pesky flies.

Photo Source: Unsplash

The researchers said cows can now avoid fly bites by coloring their bodies with black-and-white stripes just like the Zebras. They observed six cows and painted them each black stripes, no stripes, and black-and-white stripes.

They count the number of bites that the cows obtained after 30 minutes. The cows with black stripes and unpainted cows endured over 110 fly bites while the black-and-white cows only suffered less than 60 bites.

Photo Source: New York Post

Based on the report, the zebra-striped cows fend off pests. The researchers said biting flies are less likely to attack animals with black-and-white colors. They only used water-based paint so it’s environment-friendly.

The discovery of the Japanese researchers earned various reactions from the netizens. Here are some of their comments on the post:

@MarkKeam: “I want to know how many other crazy ideas did they try before they came up with this one”

@sherril613: “Okay, I’ll paint the cows today.”

@okashaalzohory: “Good idea”

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