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5:26 AM May 14, 2018

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5:26 AM May 14, 2018

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NASA-Funded Filipino Scientist Discusses His Childhood Dream

NASA-funded Filipino scientist Joel Villasenor has discussed his childhood dream of living a life dedicated to studying astrophysics.

Pinoy instrument scientist Joel Villasenor was interested in science fiction and space exploration like any other 60’s kids.

While other kids are dreaming of walking on the moon, Villasenor dedicated his life to studying astrophysics.

Filipino Scientist

Villasenor has decided to study in the United States with the blessing of his parents because of his interest in astronomical science.

The Pinoy scientist earns a degree from the California Technological Institute (CalTech), and with a Plasma Physics doctoral degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

After 30 years, the latter become instrumental to the NASA-funded team that launched the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) to space.

Filipino Scientist

TESS is an all-sky space satellite with the ability to look for exoplanets outside the solar system.

Villasenor explained that TESS could search for exoplanets or ‘Goldilocks planets’ with atmospheres that may be conducted to life.

The scientist also talks about his childhood dreams, which he is living right now and expressed his happiness of making new discoveries.

“I’m really happy to be doing a lot of space physics right now. This [millennium] is like a golden age for astronomy. We’re now able to send satellites into space. This is very crucial in making discoveries,” Villasenor said quoted by GMA.

The Filipino researcher said that every scientist was dreaming to work with NASA, which he considered as his greatest achievement in life.

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