Pinoy Street Food Wins People’s Choice Award In International Food Fest

Pinoy Street Food Bags People’s Choice Award In Sweden

PINOY STREET FOOD – A Filipino husband and wife duo had dominated the biggest international food competition in the world.

Carmelita Penpeña and Alfie Escabarte were both Filipinos living in Denmark. However, the couple decided to go with their roots and wave the Philippine Flag in the 2019 European Street Food Awards in Sweden.

Both Carmelita and Alfie met during a party in Copenhagen in 2013. They hit it off and after three years, they got married in Sicily, Italy.

Pinoy Street Food Wins People's Choice Award In International Food Fest
Image from: One News

Based on a report from OneNews, Carmelita said that her husband was a long-time chef. Meanwhile, she had a background in finance and marketing.

Together, they made a food venture that would one day win big at the biggest International food event in the world. Their creation was called “Thrilla in Manila”, which started back in 2018.

Pinoy Street Food Wins People's Choice Award In International Food Fest
Image from: Thrilla in Manila | Facebook

As per the report, Thrilla in Manila was created because the couple wanted to present “Pinoy pork barbecue”. However, the rest of the items on the menu was Alfie Escabarte’s ideas.

Their main attraction, “Pinoy Pork Barbeque“, is served with fresh salad, rice, and chives. They also have “chicken bao” or steamed buns served with marinated minced beef, and homemade sauces.

Pinoy Pork Barbeque
Image from: Thrilla In Manila | Facebook

Their business won the People’s Choice Award in the finale of the European Streed Food festival held in Sweden. The couple received high praise from judges, saying that they had never seen so many votes before.

Thousands had applied for the competition, however, there were only 22 finalists from 15 countries. When it came down to the finals, the remaining contenders were “Thrilla in Manila” (Filipino), and Dhaba Kitchen (India).

According to Carmelita, her husband was inspired by the Filipino kitchen, but he’s making his dishes with a twist. She added that their food is not done the traditional way, it’s more of a fusion Filipino cuisine.

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