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Answers To The Question: Why Do We Experience Last Song Syndrome (LSS)

LAST SONG SYNDROME (LSS) – Ever wondered why catchy songs get stuck in your head?

Last Song Syndrome (LSS) - Why Do We Experience This?
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Well in this article, we will learn how and why we experience what is called “Last Song Syndrome. A phenomenon that all of us have experienced in our lives.

During our day to day activities, we always get songs that are repeated almost every hour or so. Afterward, we would catch ourselves subconsciously humming the song.

It plays in a continuous loop in our heads. Sometimes in the most unexpected situations.

For example, you could be riding a bus, cleaning the dishes, and even when you’re busy at work. Our brains somehow finds the time to make us think about that certain song.

So why does this happen? According to an article from Medical Daily, there was a study at Durham University that shows why this occurs. According to the study, songs get stuck in our heads because of its melodic contents.

Based on the study published in the Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, there were three distinct characteristics that cause LSS. These are pace, the shape of the melody, and unique intervals.

Songs that have a more upbeat pace, tempo, or rhythm people could move to are more likely to get stuck in your head. As for the melody, those with simple structures but have rhythmic patterns are likely to get stuck.

This is because our brains could easily memorize repeated patterns in songs. The best example for these are nursery rhymes like twinkle-twinkle little star.

Now that you know what causes LSS, how can you get it out of your head? A study in 2015 showed that chewing gum provided an easy solution.

The researchers theorized that if our vocal apparatus (our mouths) are engaged, our ability to imagine music is impaired. So if you have a song that you want out of your head, chew some gum instead.

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