Vice Ganda Admits Thinking About Leaving It’s Showtime

Vice Ganda Almost Left It’s Showtime

VICE GANDA – The unkabogable comedian, actor, and talkshow host Vice Ganda admitted that he thought about leaving “It’s Showtime”.

On the 10th anniversary of “It’s Showtime”, Vice Ganda revealed that he already thought about saying goodbye. “I felt so tired”, said the comedian.

Vice Ganda Admits Thinking About Leaving It's Showtime
Image from: ABS-CBN

If you could remember back in the earlier days of It’s Showtime, Vice had this bit in the show: “may nag text”. In a press conference for the show’s 10th Anniversary, he said he was required to think of new jokes for “may nag text”.

He revealed that this along with the constant “pa sample” by the fans drained him. The comedian said that he felt like he was drained because, at that time, he wasn’t really used to showbiz.

According to a report by ABS-CBN, Vice also added that he wasn’t prepared for the rapid change in his life. He added that he couldn’t keep up with the new lifestyle.

With his newfound success and celebrity status, Vice said that he had a hard time adjusting to things. He felt like he couldn’t leave his house, find a “jowa”, or have concerts abroad because of Showtime.

The Showtime host also revealed that he lost confidence in his ability to make the audience laugh. He stated that at the time, he couldn’t find his purpose in Showtime.

The Showtime host thought that Showtime was just one of his “rakets” that paid. He then disclosed the payments he got per show.

He said that in his early days, P5,000 per day was his salary. Vice said that because he couldn’t get a personal assistant, make-up, and hairstylist, he needed to do all those things.

“Wala kang stylist, damit, hindi naman uso ang stylist. So sabi ko, parang its not worth it”, said Vice. He then added that for him P5,000 a day wasn’t worth it.

“Sabi ko, kailangan ko nang bumalik sa comedy bar”, Vice said. He mentioned that he needed to practice because he felt that his comedy was a bit rusty.

But, because of the relationships he built in the show, Vice decided to go back to the show. He said that he missed Showtime, especially Anne Curtis.

Vice Ganda Admits Thinking About Leaving It's Showtime
Image from: ABS-CBN

“Si Anne ang malaking rason noon kung bakit ko gusto bumalik ng ‘Showtime.”, said the comedian. He then said that he’s at a point where “Showtime” would always be a part of his life.

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