Young Lady Accepts #BatangIna Challenge, Receives Criticisms Online

Young Lady Who Accepts #BatangIna Challenge Circulates Online

A young lady who posted her photos after accepting “BatangIna challenge garnered various reactions from the online community.

Over the past few decades, teenage pregnancy or also known as adolescent pregnancy has been one of the major problems not only in the Philippines but also in different countries all around the world.

Females who get pregnant under the age of 20 is considered as ladies who were under early pregnancy, which usually leads to further problems such as abortion and broken families. In some cases, it is also considered as unwanted pregnancy.

Young Lady

Recently, a Facebook user named Jhade Rylai has shared her photos after accepting “Batang Ina” challenge. The young lady showed her baby bump in the photos and she’s even proud of being pregnant at a very young age.

Rylai also wrote on her post that she is just trying to fit within the trend by accepting the early pregnancy challenge.

Here is the full post:

“Challenge accepted 😊😊😊😄

Nakikuso lang po 😘

The social media users also expressed their reactions to the post:

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